Where are my orders?

After getting a new website designed and uploaded to the server many people believe they can just sit back and watch the orders fly in.

Unfortunately, this is not true, if it was this easy then everybody would be doing it. We are regulary asked after completing a web project questions like:

Why aren’t we appearing in google?
Why aren’t we appearing in google for “a certain search term”?
How come nobody has contacted me or ordered something from my website yet?

These are all reasonable expectations from a website, after all without lead generation or orders then theres not much point making a commercial website. The problem is that just having a website isn’t enough for it to be found amongst the millions of other websites on the internet, we do everything we can to make sure web design clients understand this before undertaking any new web design projects.

Many clients make the mistake of investing in a brand new sparkling website but do not want to commit to making it work. It just sits online getting 2 or 3 hits a day and generates little to no leads or sales.

I have got a website… what next?

The key to making the website a success is to let people know it is there, you need to drive traffic to the website as much as possible. This can be done both online and offline.

You can drive traffic to your website by simple and low cost offline techniques such as adding the url to company vehicles, business cards and stationary, telling people you meet about your website, send press releases to local newspapers and much more.

You can drive traffic to your website online by building links back to your website from other websites such as business listings, article directories, blogs, social networking websites, news groups, forums, other related webites and much more.

You can pay for online traffic in the form of advertisements on other websites, pay per click ads, affiliate schemes and more.

Link building and search engine marketing can be a lengthy and laborious process and simple mistakes can cost a fortune when paying for online ads and pay per click.

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