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Living in the clouds

I have always been a little reluctant about putting my life in the cloud. Storing all my personal files, projects and intellectual property on someone else’s server. Sending this stuff across the internet for any Tom, Dick and Harry to intercept and decode.

However, as technology progresses and I find myself using data and various services over multiple devices it has become increasingly difficult to manage all my data.

Booting up a pc to do some work and the file I need is on another machine, in a different location and the password is stored on my mobile which I haven’t copied across yet; and many similar scenarios.

Therefore I have decided to give “the cloud” a go. I have already read about loads of different services and even tried a few that have been recommend by friends. Anyway, my life is no longer my own, the amount of data about me floating around already with the likes of facebook, linked in and all the other social networks it would be fairly easy to get a good sense of who I am by the information spread across the social web, so what would a few more gigabytes of my data hurt?

With this recent shift in attitude I have created accounts with a few services to get me started putting my head in the clouds (which is kind of what it feels like).

The main stuff I am using now include Dropbox, Evernote and Diigo.

I will let you know how I get on (If I get time, and a jumbo jet doesn’t hit me while I have my head in the clouds)

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ASP.NET Membership Encrypted Passwords

To keep your passwords secure but still be able to retrieve the password via the ASP.NET membership provider you will need to implement the password type as Encrypted.

To do this you need to provide a machine key in the web.config of machine.config.

You can find a machine key generator at:  http://www.developmentnow.com/articles/machinekey_generator.aspx

The membership code looks like:

<membership defaultProvider="BfssSqlMembershipProvider">
    <!-- Add a customized SqlMembershipProvider -->
    <add name="BfssSqlMembershipProvider"
  validation="SHA1" decryption="AES"

Please make sure you generate your own machine key.

For further information about ASP.NET Membership please visit: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff648345.aspx

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Free Charting with jQuery and HTML 5 Canvas

Check out:


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Progressive Enhancement

Don’t you just love browser compatabilty issues?

If you are a web developer then you have spent many hours testing your shiny new website in multiple browsers to find unexpected behaviour and broken styles, javascript etc.  You have probably looked at html 5 and css3 and thought, yeah it would be nice but then theres ie7, ie 6, safari, opera …

read more about progressive enhancement with css 3 and html 5

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Web site optimisation and debugging

Google GWT 2.0 Speed Tracer as seen in .net magazine issue 202 on page 124 looks like a great tool to identify bottlenecks and bugs in your website or web application.

I am currently using FireFox with developer toolbar, firebug, yslow and pagespeed to debug, but the article claims that Speed Tracer offers hidden insights not found in other tools.

read more about speed tracer for website optimisation

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Mobile Phone Applications

I have recently been looking for applications to increase the productivity of my mobile phone. Although an iPhone would be ideal I will have to make do with my current java phone until my contract comes to an end and I can upgrade.

read more about mobile phone applications

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Windows Live

I have just installed some new windows live applications that you may be interested in.


Probably the most useful one for me is the outlook connector for live mail.  I am often late answering e-mails sent to my live account as I need to log in to hotmail to see them.

read more about windows live applications

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Free Color Scheme Designer

This is just a quick post linking to the best color scheme designer I have found on the web.

I used to use it a lot and then couldn’t find it when I needed it again.

So now it is here I shouldn’t loose it again.

Check it out – its a great way to apply color theory and ensure your websites look nice.

color scheme designer

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Booking Availability Calendar

AmR Clearskys Availability modification for 2.7

I have recently been looking at availability calendars for use on Word Press and found this great little plugin that has been adapted for Word Press 2.7 by Anmari.

read more about the booking availability calendar

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